Nubreed Enterprizez Music, LLC

Welcome to NBGMUSIC.US brought to you by Nubreed Enterprizez Music, LLC. "A Nu Generation of Sound..."


Nubreed Enterprizez as a Company is Ground Zero for many Artist and Producers who have decided to infiltrate the music industry with the goal of innovation. They understand the concept of quality over quantity, unafraid of failure and refusing to quit. The mission of the Nubreed Movement is to pay homage to true artist past and present, while to display for the whole world to see that Hip-Hop as a culture can heal and open lines of communications between the different groups who have unlike philosophies. “Nubreed represents the re-birth of Hip-Hop with a message behind the music that is as real as everyday life in Urban America”.

Nubreed Enterprizez Music LLC Mission

We will entertain and educate the masses through building and promoting our brand Nubreed Generation (NBG). Writing and producing  music for artists signed to Nubreed Enterprizez Music LLC as well as throwing our own events, Concerts and Social gatherings. Our goal is to cultivate a following of people that relate to the messages that we put forth and use that following to influence social and economic prosperity with in our own communities and then the world as a whole. We plan to take the entertainment industry by storm with new innovative ideas on how an urban Entertainment company should operate “Same business new model”. We want to change the experience that most music fans get by making our fans feel as if they are apart of the movement, by offering them honorary membership to our Fraturnity. Some may be fans of the music some may be fans of the parties and events some maybe fans of the brand in merchandise but all will feel apart of the movement. 

"Innovation, radical and revolutionary, changes in thinking. In the Nu Millennium, we have come upon an age of technology. It is about time for urban music to follow suit. Lets not leave it to our imagination, lets go after it together. Generation X has brought us thus far, its time for Generation Next to take its place. Stand Up and Be Heard! If you are an original amongst copies, a pioneer amongst followers, then I welcome you to the Nubreed Generation. Nubreed, A Nu Generation of SoundĀ". - H Leamon Sr


Nubreed Generation/ Nu Betta Gamma (NBG) is a fraternity and subsidiary company to Nubreed Enterprizez Music, LLC.  NBG is a brand that represents the artist, producers, and personalities affiliated with Nubreed Enterprizez Music, LLC

Fraternal Mission

NBG is a group of musicians and business minds that have formed a bond through fellowship education brotherhood and military service. our ideals are “go against grain, be original, be innovative, be a rebel for freedoms of expression, socio-economics and the arts”. “Be passionate not aggressive, be your self in a room full of copies, be a man amongst boys. The time of gangsters and thuging has come to an end we have fought the battles in the streets with one another way too long.” By no means does this mean be a passivist but be true to the historical architecture of things. We are kings and queens there for our slogan is Act as a Gentlman Walk as a millitiant. We encourage our fans (members) to stand up for what they believe in rather than lay down and take what ever is feed to them. We encourage our members to be real and genuine with out being offensive not in the exterior manner but having enough self respect to show others respect regardless of race creed or any other differences that most become consumed with. We are a brand that is simple promoting the “dare to be you” mentality with in that idea we want to encourage our followers to look and be the very best they can be.