Nubreed Enterprizez Music, LLC


Welcome to NBGMUSIC.US brought to you by Nubreed Enterprizez Music, LLC. "A Nu Generation of Sound..."


Nubreed Enterprizez as a Company is Ground Zero for many Artist and Producers who have decided to infiltrate the music industry with the goal of innovation. They understand the concept of quality over quantity, unafraid of failure and refusing to quit. The mission of the Nubreed Movement is to pay homage to true artist past and present, while to display for the whole world to see that Hip-Hop as a culture can heal and open lines of communications between the different groups who have unlike philosophies. “Nubreed represents the re-birth of Hip-Hop with a message behind the music that is as real as everyday life in Urban America”.


Innovation, radical and revolutionary, changes in thinking. In the Nu Millennium, we have come upon an age of technology. It is about time for urban music to follow suit. Lets not leave it to our imagination, lets go after it together. Generation X has brought us thus far, its time for Generation Next to take its place. Stand Up and Be Heard! If you are an original amongst copies, a pioneer amongst followers, then I welcome you to the Nubreed Generation. Nubreed, A Nu Generation of SoundĀ.